Inspired by the lists going around of what people learned during their first years in various cities, we started compiling the most memorable things we discovered about San Francisco during our first 12 months here. Although some of us have been here almost two decades and others two years, all of us remember making our way around the city for the first time. Of course, you should add anything we missed here in the comments section to keep this list running. – Jennifer Maerz

Always bring another layer, no matter how warm it looks when you leave the house in the morning.

The back door on Muni usually only opens if you step down. 

That person you just sloppily hooked up with will end up knowing 10 of your friends (and probably slept with two of them). 

Keep the Muni transfer or pay the painful fine. 

Tuesdays at noon: the siren is just a test.

Make sure to step around all watery sidewalk puddles.

There is never a simple explanation for which trash bin to use for what you're about to throw away. 

There's a reason that Muni seat is empty while the rest of the bus is packed. 

The people who like being naked in public aren't always the ones you'd want to see naked in public. 

Hugs, not handshakes.

Coffee is never just coffee. (Pour over? Single origin? Fair trade? Cold pressed?!)

Even things like fancy toast have a moving backstory

Never sleep through street cleaning if you own a car – and especially if you just borrowed your friend's car. 

Freak flag – it's a lifestyle, not an accessory. 

Cops have better things to do than bust you for that joint/open container (unless this is Bay to Breakers, in which case, hide that shit.)

Smoke a cigarette in a crowd, however, and you're suddenly a dick. 

Walking everywhere is the best way to get to know the city. 

Neighborhood parks (especially Dolores Park) are our beaches, our runways, our bars.

People actually remember Third Eye Blind

Someone will inevitably tell you that San Francisco was so much better X years before you got here. 

You're gonna need at least five more costumes. Ideally ones that can get booze spilled on them.

Closets make wonderful bedrooms if the price is right. 

San Francisco should really be called The Windy City. (And Ocean Beach is often a wonderful place to get your face loofahed with flying sand.)

When the sunset/sunrise matches the pastel shades of the houses around you, everything in the world is suddenly magical. 

This is the best fucking city on earth.