"Street Style" blogs have been hot for a while now. But let's call it what it really is: "People Style, Outside." If anything, the street is usually out of focus or is in the photo at some weird angle, not being stylish at all!

To right this, we took to the streets to photograph REAL street style, the permanent fixtures of pavement life that are out there looking good 24/7. Here, eight street fashion stars tell us a little bit about their look.

"I don't think my style is anything to write home about. Hawaiian prints are on all my male friends this season."

"I'm really inspired by clothing from the '60s; I feel like I would have fit in much better back then. The silhouette of this dress does wonders for my butt."

"I try to keep things classic; trends expire so quickly in this city. I stop caring on Sundays though, 'cause no one's even looking."

"I usually stick to natural fibers, but I guess it'd be nice to branch out."

"Yeah, I know I look good. I've already stopped like 30 cars today." 

"Bitches love me, but it pisses me off, 'cause they're always sniffing around, stealing my look."

"Aren't these glasses the shit?"