Remember that Blue Bottle Coffee made from Legos? Well, this proposed gourmet food truck Lego set just might top it. The project was created by SpacySmoke on the Lego Ideas site and is loosely based on LA's Kogi Trucks. Its features include a detailed serving center, kitchen, removable roof, and a wall that swings out, which helps if you have fat fingers like me. I'm guessing lines would be sold separately.

The food truck set currently has about 2,500 of the 10,000 votes of support that it needs to get reviewed by Lego. If it, or any of the other cool proposed sets on Lego Ideas, gets 10,000 supporters, a super official Lego review board looks over the plans and decides if it will become one of their next products to be sold in stores. If it's approved, the creator even gets a percentage of the product's sales. 

If you'd like to support the set, you can simply make an account and click support. Yes, you have to give your email, but signing up and voting is still relatively easy and it's all free. There's a risk that you will lose half your day dreaming up your own ideas for Lego sets, but that's kind of awesome.

Photos by Garett Yoshimura

[Via: Off the Grid]