The fact that Uber is the least cost effective way to get somewhere during peak hours is no secret. But the fact that the company skyrockets its prices so high is enough to make me delete the app from my phone permanently. 

SF Weekly and Valleywag are reporting that Uber took advantage of the big Outside Lands weekend and surged prices so much that customers took to Twitter to complain of paying more for their car rides than they did for their concert tickets. The publications cited people who allegedly paid between $290 and $470 to get across town. Granted, traffic around Golden Gate Park is a nightmare at festival time, and I understand having to pay drivers a little more to get them to navigate the gridlock. But this is ridiculous. 

Of course, all of this comes down to the fact that no one is forced to use Uber, and that users are clearly alerted when prices spike. More importantly, there's bike parking at Outside Lands as well as Muni and cab companies happy to transport you. It should be a public service announcement at this point to tell your friends to delete Uber off their phones around festival times, big storms, or other moments when they may be drunk, desperate, or otherwise temporarily panicked, though, because those surges come back to bite you in the ass. 

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