Curbed SF reported yesterday that there are plans to create new mixed-use buildings, including more than 1,000 new homes, in the Sunset District in the next 10 years. District 4 Supervisor Katy Tang's Sunset District Blueprint hopes to "allow taller buildings, and more local shops and restaurants" to spread development into this mostly residential area of San Francisco, while still maintaining the area's character. The Sunset has a lot more underused space than other parts of the city, and these plans hope to spread the city's development to the Outerlands – an area that has only represented less than 1% of the city's new housing development. The blueprint has identified areas of possible development, including Noriega and 24th Avenue, and Irving and 26th Avenue, where it hopes to create housing units, as well as community gardens and public spaces. 

Tang explains in the intro of the blueprint that the plans are meant to secure more resources for the district and community, especially for children, families, and seniors. Aside from building new affordable housing, the plan outlines improving and expanding senior facilities, attracting "family-friendly" venues and businesses, and improve neighborhood parks and other public spaces. It also hopes to improve transportation, pedestrian safety, and make the area more bikeable and encourage more of its residents to get on two wheels (In related news, the Sunset just got new bike lanes from 20th Avenue all the way to the Great Highway along Ortega).    

[Via: Curbed; photo by John Weiss via Flickr]