San Franciscans know their coffee – or so they say.

This is a city whose residents are spoiled by thousands of coffee shops offering the most freshly picked beans from all kinds of exotic places that are ground to perfection to form the perfect espresso for your morning pick-me-up. Surrounded by $6 cups of coffee galore, SFers have learned to swear off chain coffee shops like Starbucks and, God forbid, drink anything you can buy at Safeway. But can city dwellers really tell the difference between premium artisanal coffee and your average cup of joe?

I invited eight SF locals to The Bold Italic headquarters for a blind coffee taste test involving six different brews (three artisanal and three generic). Not every volunteer considered themselves a coffee connoisseur, but everyone definitely knew what they liked and didn’t like. Each cup was poured to perfection by the lovely Tayler of Sightglass – where she works as the lead trainer – and the tasters got to try each coffee twice in a random predetermined order. The participants were asked not to talk about their opinions of the coffee so as not to influence each other until the very end, when the winners and losers were revealed. The final results were truly shocking. You’ll never guess which coffee came in last or whose favorite was Folgers.