We've heard some crazy personal stories. The kind that make us laugh our asses off, our jaws drop down to the floor, or our heads shake with amazement. When we hear a great story, we want to share it on The Bold Italic, but sometimes the experience is either too illegal, too embarrassing, or too scandalous to print. At least, that is, when it has a person's name attached to it. This week, we're giving light to some of these juicy stories – because they're just too good to keep to ourselves – with the promise to their authors that we'll keep their identities secret. 

These pieces are anonymously written, but 100% true. Here's to these brave, crazy, lawbreaking weirdos who let us print their secrets. Be sure to come back every day this week to get a little more scandal. 'Til then, here's a sneak peek of what's to come: 

Monday: That white goop on the wall in the public shower? Yeah, you definitely won't want to touch that after you read this story about a man's personal gym ritual

Tuesday: San Francisco drivers know the pain of parking tickets. Well, one guy thought he found a way to get around paying them off. Until his car got the boot. And then he removed it.  

Wednesday: We'll have photos taken while climbing to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge so you don't have to break the law to see the view. You also won't want to miss our collection of shocking user-submitted confessions, including a barista who admits that she'd regularly serve Guy Fieri decaf. Guess he missed the bus to Flavor Town.

Thursday: Broke-Ass Stuart writes this week's only story with a byline. His relatable tale is about the anonymous community of people who float around us everyday. He writes, "They are tiny question marks or ellipses in the stories of our lives, and they don't even realize they're part of it." 

Friday: And finally, have you ever told a lie to get out of doing something? Well, this writer admits that she lied about having cancer ... to quit her job. Yes, she feels horrible about it.   

Photo by Isla Bell Murray