I'm a huge fan of cheesy, tourist-style postcards; they are truly the exclamation points of mail. Seeing one underneath my mail slot, nestled in a soft bed of six Capital One credit card offers – it's just this glossy, day-brightening piece of FUN! (Unless it's addressed to one of my roommates, in which case my day becomes suddenly soaked in dark, nauseous mail-jealousy.) Sending them is a wonderful feeling too, but a quick stroll through a downtown Walgreens or the shops in Fisherman's Wharf and you'll find the postcard selection sufficiently lacking in the sarcasm and cold-hard-truth departments. To fill that void, Luke Foss and I created the best postcard set ever, ever known to man. Ever. 

I know what you're thinking, and YES! These are printed and on sale now, exclusively at The Bold Italic shop. Buy them, get out your favorite pen, and send them off to 14 of your favorite, wise-ass friends.

Photo Credits, in order: Leonardo Pallotta, trophygeek (Flickr), Ingrid Taylar, James Gaither, Dion Hinchcliffe, Roger Wallstadt, Matthew Black, Leonardo Stabile, creativeholly.com, Phillip Capper, Doug Kerr, Yung-Luen Lan, idleformat (Flickr), and Gunther Hagleitner.