It's beginning to look a lot like... nearly any other day of the year in San Francisco, save for a few less leaves on the trees. But my calendar keeps insisting that it's winter, and every holiday-themed car commercial I see backs that up. 

My friends who live in other states have been uploading all these snow-tastic photos to the internet recently, and I keep thinking about what a huge percentage of San Francisco would be completely unlivable if we experienced an actual winter. My stomach flips driving through Russian Hill or Potrero on the sunniest, driest pavement; the idea of trying to get up (or down) some of our hills with a layer of ice thrown in the mix freaks the crap out of me. But, still, I think anyone who grew up with a white winter sort of misses it, at least until you remember how black and sloppy and wet it eventually gets. 

To satiate those early winter snow-cravings, I asked graphic artist Chris Rutherford to depict what snow might look like in San Francisco, (inevitable hill-related, Funniest Home Video-worthy car accidents and pedestrian falls not included.)

– Jessica Saia