We're very specific about the fonts we use at The Bold Italic, so we keep an eye on trends in design and creative lettering. I have to say, this collection of human-body typeface from French design team Kerozen is by far the creepiest expression of the alphabet I've seen. Dreamed up by creative director JC Debroize, these letters look like something a serial killer might create if he had an impressive design pedigree. And I can't stop looking at them, even as they stare back at me. 

Debroize, who seems to have a thing for slicing, dicing, and cutting off heads for his work, told Fast Company that he created these letters first out of clay before chopping his coworkers to pieces photoshopping his coworkers' faces into maps of his molds. 

With Valentine's Day coming up next week, nothing says "I love you to pieces" like spelling out your sweet notes with freaky molds of stranger's faces.

(Via Laughing Squid/Fast Company)