The fourth annual Hard French Winter Ball returns to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk next Saturday, and it’s guaranteed to be magical as hell. Hosted at the Cocoanut Grove Ballroom (a historically fancy 104-year old venue), it’s like the seaside prom you never had, with all the people you wish you’d known back in high school. Hard French DJs will be spinning ’50s and ’60s soul vinyl all night, and SF’s legendary drag queens, House of MORE!, will take the stage for live performances.

This is the first time the complete House of MORE! will be performing at the Winter Ball, so in anticipation (and because it was just guaranteed to look amazing), we took Juanita MORE!, Glamamore, Vivvyanne Forevermore, and Dulce De Leche to one of SF's coolest little shops, Paxton Gate, for a photo shoot. 

The Winter Ball sells out every year, so get your tickets here, now.

Production design by Sean Santos.