David Grieshaber has thought up an incredibly cool project to save parts of the Oakland span of the Bay Bridge. The idea is to create a housing and work space made from sections of the bridge in order to save a piece of history and create something super badass.

A student design contest was held and these renderings are the final plans for the Bay Bridge House. The proposed structure is eco-friendly and not just because its comprised mainly of recycled bridge. Plans also include a green roof system, solar panels, and a rainwater reclamation system. The goal is to only rely on Bay Area companies for the house.  

Grieshaber told Fast Co. Design that he was originally just interested in making a home, but now he wants to make the building multi-purpose and even include an Airbnb option so people can share this awesome thing. The plan is for the building to be self sufficient and cared for by a non-profit. It's unclear how Grieshaber can legally get his hands on the bridge scraps he needs, but he says he's buying land somewhere in sight of the Bay Bridge and he's certainly determined. If you're interested in seeing more detailed plans or getting involved, contact the Bay Bridge House project here.

All images courtesy of baybridgehouse.org