How did you learn about performing oral sex? From porn? From friends? Trial and error? From an app?

That’s right, I said app, although if I was going to be accurate (dork alert) I guess I’d have to call it a mobile website. I’m referring, of course, to Lick This App, which teaches users how to perform cunnilingus by following an “up n’ down,” “circles,” or “freestyle” pattern … with their tongues. And by “follow,” I mean “lick the screen up and down and all around.”

While other sex/tech bloggers have been denouncing Lick This App as so gross because cellphones are actually dirtier than toilet seats and the idea of licking one is too horrifying to even contemplate, they clearly just did not do enough digging beyond the initial icky factor. The team behind Lick This App is called Club Sexy Time and a quick perusal of their site makes it clear that these guys are all about fun tongue in, um, cheek websites that play with sexuality and good design. With projects like Boooby Trap and Really Long Nipple Ring under their belt, this is clearly a hip crew that’s out to entertain and, maybe, educate.

When I told my techie boyfriend about the app, his initial response was, “You know what my app for learning about oral sex was? A vagina.” I have a feeling that the Club Sexy Time crew would probably agree. The best place to learn about cunnilingus is on the sexy parts. However, the unfortunate truth is that there aren’t a lot of open conversations about going down on your partner, especially when women are on the receiving end.

While blow jobs are a regular part of the cultural conversation – popping up in everything from comedies to rap songs – we just don’t talk about giving it to the ladies. However, as a result of Lick This App, I’ve said the word “cunnilingus” more times today than I have in the year 2014 so far, so props, Club Sexy Time. You got us all talking about carpet munching.

Image from Thinkstock