By Jessica Saia

Until now, Craigslist's Missed Connections listings have been utilized, for the most part, by shy bus-folk and signal-illiterate optimists. But earlier this month, a local man took to the classifieds to track down the greatest love of all: the origins of a mysterious, heavenly burrito.

What we know:

1. Reading between the lines, it's clear that our hero was most likely shamelessly eating a burrito whilst taking a drunken, late-night dump, but hey–luxury is luxury. #nojudgement

2. This "nursery of culinary magic" is open late, has lots of tables, and is on the north side of some street between The Castro and SOMA. (So, The Mission).

That's about it–not giving us a ton of info to work with here, but the description was so beautiful and desperate, I too must know where this tortilla-angel was born. Let's take a closer look at that sink-pic:


Any guesses, dear readers? If so, leave them in the comments. And if the original late night bathroom-diner is reading this, get in touch. We need updates!


The overwhelming consensus seems to be Los Coyotes on 16th. One tortilla-detective even went so far as to map the possible route, and send this photo as evidence as well as this possible photo of the poster. 

Getting to the bottom of this sort of turns the original post into the greatest accidental marketing campaign of our time. SF bathrooms are about to be flooded with half-eaten Californian burritos. Thanks for all the wisdom, readers!

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