Game of Thrones Names = Totally Believable Metal Bands

Jun 13 at 6am

A couple of seasons ago, it hit me that so many of the proper nouns in Game of Thrones would make for excellent heavy metal-band names – perhaps it’s the aggressive phonetics and medieval spellings. The design of metal-band logos is fascinating to me, as they all take cues from a distinctly finite set of styles and elements that include sharp points, futuristic geometry, Gothic and black-letter script, grunge effects, spidery tangles, barbed wire, umlauts, dragon wings, pentacles, and dripping blood. In honor of the season 4 finale this Sunday, I explore fictional metal bands based on Game of Thrones names, from hand-lettering their logos to imagining what they’d look and sound like.

Percussive mid-tempo doom metal with taiko drums. Members perform with bare chests and while wearing thick black eyeliner.

Songs: “Horse Lords of the Apocalypse,” “The Red Waste,” “Blood Khalasar”

Celtic metal featuring an electric fiddle and uilleann bagpipes. Members have long, tangled hair and dress in boiled leather.

Songs: “Burning Flesh,” “Cerberus,” cover of Elvis’s “Hound Dog”

Grungy nu metal with elements of hip-hop. Pretty lame band, actually.

Songs: “Craven Crow,” “Commander of Betrayal,” “Meat Locker”

Melodic power metal with fantasy-based lyrics and long, fast guitar solos. Shows often include pyrotechnics.

Songs: “Fire and Blood,” “Mad King,” “Dracarys”

Industrial death metal with minimal vocals. Members are notable for their shaven heads and matching black-leather outfits with armored accents.

Songs: “Grey Worm,” “Cradle Castration,” “Shield Phalanx”

Pagan-influenced glam metal with an emphasis on dueling electric guitars. Members dress in a lighting-bolt motif and purple sequins.

Songs: “Beric the Undead,” “Lord of Blackhaven,” “Steel Lightning”

Folk black metal heavily influenced by Scandinavian mythology and nature. Instrumentation includes bone war horns and tribal drums.

Songs: “Fist of the First Men,” “Frostfangs,” “Magnar of Thenn”

Mostly instrumental grindcore with occasional screeching vocals.

Songs: “Royal Executioner,” “Rip Out My Tongue,” “Silent Stare”

Slow-tempo drone metal with low, growling vocals. All lyrics are “Hodor.”

Songs: “Hodor,” parts 1–13, from the album Hodor

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