The ice cream sandwich that was invented in SF, It's-It, has a new "summer" flavor: pumpkin. Yeah, weird, right? Love you, It's-It, but isn't pumpkin an October flavor? The formerly San Francisco-based company, now in Burlingame, seems to know it's thrown us all a curve ball; on Wednesday the company announced on its Facebook page the newest variety of ice cream sandwich made with oatmeal cookies: 'Introducing our newest flavor to kick off Summer! #WhyPumpkin#WhyNot"'

During the first week of June, It's It brought back a more summery flavor – strawberry – which I have to say I'm much more excited about. Still, if it's between a pumpkin It's-It or none at all, I'll take pumpkin!

[Images via It's-It Facebook page]

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