The Center SF, a Hayes Valley community center offering daily yoga and Capoeira classes and other spiritually-minded events, will soon play host to a new members-only cafe brewing up tea and snuggles.

A monthly fee at the Center's upcoming Tea Oasis will cover the cost of unlimited sips, presented via a Chinese Gongfu tea ceremony that all members will be taught. In a departure from the “no shoes, no service” ethos of, well, pretty much everywhere, Tea Oasis shall be a shoe free zone.

The mission of the space emphasizes socializing, hence the communal tables and a ban on cell phones, electronic devices, and working. Customers who hit it off can hit up the Pillow Lounge, a corner dedicated to the art of snuggling. Don’t get any naughty ideas, though; Tea Oasis proprietor and professional cuddler Travis Sigley has created a code of conduct that requires people to keep their cuddle puddles consensual, platonic, and safe.

Tea Oasis will hold a grand opening event on August 3. The cost is $20, or free with the purchase of a monthly membership ($50). Hugs are complimentary.

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