While most of us are still coming to terms with having to say goodbye to Mad Men next year, Matthew Weiner and crew were quietly filming new scenes in our picturesque backyard. According to The Monterey County Weekly, the show’s production temporarily moved north to Big Sur at the end of June for a week of shooting. 

The cast of Mad Men were spotted in the beautiful coastal town last month, filming scenes at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. The California Film Commission confirmed the shoot, which was filed under a production company pseudonym, which makes sense considering how sneaky Weiner is. The crew filed for permits to shoot and have trailers on six turn-outs off Highway 1, probably resulting in some nice traffic for bewildered locals.

But the sightings of series creator Matt Weiner and Mr. Draper himself, trying their best to be incognito at Monterey's Crown & Anchor, backed up the locals' hunch as wordlessly as one of Betty’s bored looks.

Though there’s no shortage of conspiracy theories about the show and how it will end, we do know that whatever they shot around Big Sur will (probably) take place after the moon landing in 1969. And it’s going to be another long 10 months until AMC gives us any new episodes – let alone, Big Sur footage – so, let the new theories on what Don was doing up north begin! We’ve gotta do something to bide the time; Don Draper goes to Big Sur has some serious fanfic potential.

[Via: Monterey County Weekly; photo via Thinkstock & AMC]

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