Here's another reason to invest in a Muni Clipper Card: Starting September 1, prices to ride the bus are going up again. Adult single fare will now cost $2.25. Yep, that means riders who pay upon boarding are going to need an extra $0.25 in their pockets to ride the bus. Luckily, MUNI takes all kinds of change and not just quarters, because otherwise apartment dwellers with coin-op laundry machines would have to start choosing between washing their clothes and riding the bus.  

Adult Muni only "M" passes and Adult Muni + BART "A" Fastpasses are also going to cost a little more, $68 and $80, respectively. If you can afford to throw down for a pass, it's really the best way to go. 

Other Muni fares will also go up in the next couple of years, including Senior/Disabled/Youth fares from $0.75 to $1 and incremental increases for all monthly passes in 2015 and 2016. The one fare that will go down will be for 18 year-olds who fall into the low/moderate income levels, who will now be eligible for free rides, starting this fall. 

[Photo by Paul Sullivan via Flickr]