Bryan was born in Kansas City. Worked the rollerskate counter at Skate World at 12 years old; spent all extra time at Putt Putt Golf and Games and John’s Space Age Donuts.

Moved to Seattle in '94 to live next door to Alice in Chains.

Arrived in SF in '98. Rocked out at Shoebiz when it was cool to work at sneaker stores.

Had multiple gigs at indie labels Stones Throw, Quannum, and Bomb. Co-founded Look Records with DJ Design. DJ’d as Cinnamon Underpants, got ordained in the Universal Life Church, now goes by Reverend Underpants. Held long-time gig for PUMA North America, amassed a giant sneaker collection which now resides at an overpriced storage space. Had a brief stint telling consumers why tech products are cool.

Now works for the last American-owned macro brew, Pabst Blue Ribbon. Has a religious devotion to pinball, video games, and shufflepuck. Can be found at multiple bars on most nights, doing the damn thing.