I work without the burden of intention. People recognize my work easily, because I have my own unique visual language. I believe that style is the most important element of an artist's personality and craft.

I have been planning a career in art since I was 5 years old. I am a third generation artist and very proud of my heritage. I earned a BFA in Ceramics from Long Beach State in 2003, and moved back to the Bay Area. I traded the potter's wheel for a paint brush and started painting live in SF with zero education or experience painting.

My style evolved from college doodles, to bright canvases, to large scale murals and installations. Facebook hired me to paint my first live mural in their headquarters in January 2011, and I have had a large warehouse studio on their campus since then. I now paint murals and live paintings for other companies in the bay area, the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas, and Faceboook offices worldwide soon. I will be at Art Basel this year for the first time.


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