credit: Amanda Boe

Margo Moritz is a native Californian who started in the south and made her way up the coast until landing in San Francisco 7 years ago. She’s half Persian and half Belgian and speaks enough French, Farsi, and Italian to talk about her favorite foods in each. She still feels like a wizard every time she loads a roll of 35mm into her Bessa rangefinder. When a man attempted to swipe her camera in a Santiago market, she was surprised by how zealously she could yell and chase after someone. When she’s not feeding her urge to travel, she can be found riding around on her scooter, practicing her headstand and samba step, or discovering her new favorite way to cook an egg. Margo has her MFA in photography and her list of clients include local magazines, small businesses, dancers, yogis, and brides to be. Her work can be seen at

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