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Rebellious & ill-behaved upbringing in Philly. SF at 31. More rebellion & ill-behaving. Always an entrepreneur. Side businesses since age 14 doing hair wraps in the cafeteria and a dozen other assorted businesses too embarrassing to share (uh, Chubby Cheesecakes). Worked corporate retail for 16 years. Got fed up, started Indie Mart in my yard, Still Life Clothing, then Workshop, and more to come. Can't sit still. Always learning something new & trying new things. Usually found making stuff til wee hours at Workshop, listening to hair metal or Fleet Foxes. Secret love for archery (check Workshop's ceiling), fluffy cats, heavy metal, cheap beers and seeing local metal, psych, and Cali-style bands: The Oh Sees, Glitter Wizard, Ty Segall.

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